Young Children Learning About Pregnant Men

As of late, there have been renewed debates about what very young children are being taught in public schools. Just over the course of 2022 alone, there are countless reports of teachers pushing gender theory, Marxist critical race theory, and other subsections of left-wing politics on little kids.

As many parents have pointed out, this is not the role of teachers or the school. When parents send their kids to classrooms, they do so for their kids to get educated about math, writing, science, and other basics.

Unfortunately, even with widespread parental outrage, the problem of children being indoctrinated appears to be getting worse. This is the main reason why one preschool in North Carolina is seriously under fire.

A Horrible Discovery at Ballentine Elementary School
The principal at Ballentine Elementary School was shocked when he entered a classroom and discovered flashcards with a pregnant man on them being used to teach children.

The principal only came across this material after an upset parent contacted a state GOP lawmaker.

From a biological standpoint alone, men cannot get pregnant. Men factually do not have the organs necessary to create, maintain, or carry a pregnancy. In light of this, many parents don’t want schools teaching their kids that males can bear or carry children to term.

According to the Wake County school district, the flashcards being used by the teacher involved were not approved.

These tools have since been pulled and the teacher at Ballentine Elementary School resigned. Although, many people are still making the case that damage has already been done.

The Solution to Left-wing Indoctrination in Schools
In the teaching profession, liberals overwhelmingly outnumber conservatives; the ratio doesn’t even come close to being equal.

Because of the rise in liberal teachers pushing political theories and leftist talking points onto impressionable kids, many parents are removing themselves from public school systems altogether.

There’s a rise in parents talking about homeschooling their kids and actually moving to make this happen. Between left-wing indoctrination and recent mass shootings that have occurred, serious concerns exist as to whether schools are even safe places for children.

If left-wing teachers continue veering from appropriate lesson plans and introducing politics into classrooms, they’ll likely see their numbers of students getting smaller.

Eventually, teachers and other school faculty members may find themselves out of work.