‘You Don’t See Americans Going To Cuba On A Raft!’ Says, Cuban Protester

“They are protesting the lack of materials, uh, during the pandemic, particularly the lack of medical supplies and other issues.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez showed her crazy again by speaking for the Cuban people protesting their communist government, but AOC is wildly out of touch.

At the protests at the White House, a child of Cuban refugees says, “They’re tired of the communism, of the land, of the suppression. The oppression that they have is unbearable, and nobody understands more than the Cuban people. That’s why we fight so hard, so we don’t have communism into this country.”

The left has ignored communism as a reason for Cubans protesting their government. Much of the communist policies that Cuba has in place look like the policies and laws Biden and his administration want to put in place in America, so of course, they would skate over communism as a possibility of the uprising.

The protestor also said, “If communism is so great, wouldn’t it sustain itself? It would be the perfect paradise to call home. Why are so many people sacrificing their lives, their children’s lives in a raft to come to freedom, and notice that the flag that they’re lifting is the American flag.”

The same thing happened in Hong Kong during the 2020 protests. People around the world are tired of communism, socialism, Marxism, and oppressive dictatorships. They want freedom, and freedom works. “You don’t see Americans going to Cuba on a raft,” the protester also noted.

Communism has never worked. Socialism has never worked. And who better to hear it from, on the world stage, than people who went through it and lived in communist countries.

Freedom wasn’t a thing until people made it a thing. However, when the United States of America was established, the immigrants came from a repressive monarchy and desired something different. Since then, America has made enormous strides to ensure equal rights and protections of all citizens, and to take that back now would be a huge mistake.

AOC says, “The suffering on Cubans on the island as well, that is directly related to the embargo, the U.S. embargo, uh, economic embargo, that is, uh, frankly, has been in place for over 60 years.” Cuba has had strict control over the business owner of the Cuban people. In 2010 it began allowing Cubans to own their businesses in very narrow categories. Just this year, that restriction loosened.

When AOC speaks about the embargo damaging Cuban citizens, she’s lying. With tight restrictions on economic growth for citizens of Cuba, the boycott only hurt the government in attempts to change policy within the country. American has advocated for Cubans to be accessible for many years, and AOC isn’t on a groundbreaking journey for Cuban freedom. The policies AOC supports are the same policies that have put the Cuban people in the position they’re in currently, and Americans can’t let that happen.