Woke Professor Says Minority Students Should be Able to Cheat

Universities across the United States are known for their hyper-liberal majority in both professors and students.

A professor at the University of Cincinnati is living up to the stereotype and wants to focus on allowing cheating for certain ethnic groups, white excluded.

Antar Tichavakunda wrote a piece for Inside Higher Ed supporting academic cheating for people with more melanin content in their skin than white people.

In his article titled “Let’s Talk About Race and Academic Integrity,” he states:

“[In a study], Black and Asian…students reported being accused of plagiarism [twice that of] any other group… Further, Black students were the most likely to report being accused of cheating in college (9% of Black students reported being accused of cheating in a college course, compared to 6% of all students).”

He then talks about academic integrity and says it is directly tied to race.

“Academic integrity is already about race. From the assumptions behind who looks like they are cheating to the punishments given for cheating to the technology that monitors cheating to what counts as cheating, the idea of academic integrity is racialized through and through,” he further writes.

According to the professor, only white people have the capacity to be racist. He believes that if Black people don’t cheat, they still will be blamed for cheating.

“The measures she took…are telling. … Racist and sexist beliefs shape assumptions about who looks like they are cheating and who is likely to be believed in front of a non-Black instructor,” he continues.

He then implies that anti-cheating software often utilized by professors to fight against plagiarism can be racist as well. Tichavakunda says that the software “does not always accurately assess people who have darker skin.” He adds that “codes structuring such technologies can perpetuate racial biases and stereotypes.”

The woke professor says that he will not hold it against his minority students if they are caught cheating in his class. He says the intolerance most universities have towards cheating has deep-rooted ties to racism.

As universities get more expensive, the price of leftist indoctrination on students is momentous. But unfortunately, it appears that professors like this are the norm and not the exception.