Woke Generals Pushing Fear Narrative About 2024 “Insurrection”

Even though the insurrection narrative surrounding the January 6 investigation, second Trump impeachment, and fizzling criminal prosecutions haven’t gone as Democrats and never-Trumpers have planned, some highly placed influencers of the “woke” U.S. military are not about to give up. Three highly partisan retired generals wrote an op-ed published last Friday by the Washington Post that says the military must be prepared to be engaged against Americans due to another predicted “insurrection” during the 2024 election season.

The three retired U.S. Army generals began by noting the upcoming first anniversary of the “deadly insurrection” at the Capitol building, but of course, did not mention that the only person killed at the “insurrection” was a Trump supporter shot through a window in a closed-door by a Capitol police officer.

The generals engender fear by saying they are “increasingly concerned” about the next presidential election and the “potential for lethal chaos” in the American armed forces. They breathlessly continued that they are “chilled to our bones” by thinking about a successful coup “next time.”

They mounted a direct attack on military personnel daring to support President Trump. They said that on January 6, a “disturbing number” of military members and veterans took part in the “attack on the Capitol.” They were also apparently disturbed that a group of retired military personnel wrote a letter of support for Trump and what they called “false attacks” on the legitimacy of the election of Joe Biden. Of course, they expressed no interest in the letter’s substance or any concerns of many Trump supporters.

The column openly criticizes Gen. Thomas Mancino of the Oklahoma National Guard for refusing to enforce Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for National Guard members. The generals appear to have no understanding of Gen. Mancino’s assertion that controlling law ensures that his commanding officer is the governor of Oklahoma until and unless he is mobilized by proper order of the president.

The generals are blithely unconcerned about civilian control of any part of the military or the legal chain of command applicable to all American military units. They go on to imagine that the chain of command could empower politicians to “install a losing candidate as president.”

Of course, what these retired generals are doing is undermining in advance an unfavorable decision in the next presidential election as a “coup.” The sort of rhetoric amplified by the Washington Post is currently designed to destroy the rule of law the American republic relies on for its survival.