Woke Chicago DA Refuses To Charge Shooting Suspect For Murder

Woke Chicago District Attorney Kim Foxx’s office has dropped a murder charge against a shooting suspect who killed one person and injured another. Foxx, a George Soros-backed prosecutor, refused to bring a murder charge against the shooter but instead chalked the killing to self-defense.

According to CWB Chicago, Juan Ferba fired around 14 rounds following a heated dispute with a man outside a South Side liquor store. Ferba shot and killed the man he was arguing with. Ferba shot the man three times in the head and also injured an innocent bystander.

Footage of the incident showed the victim, who authorities identified as Kristopher Willett, exiting the Happy Food and Liquor before both men got into a heated exchange. The footage showed Ferba pulling his gun and willet taking out his before Ferba fired between 14 and 19 shots at the victims.

Police arrested Ferba with the aim of charging him with murder and attempted murder. However, prosecutors from Foxx’s office rejected the first-degree murder and attempted murder and instead charged Ferba with being a felon in possession of a firearm.

Foxx’s office came under heavy criticism from Jason Johnson, the president of the Law Enforcement Legal Defense Fund.

“While it’s appalling, it’s unsurprising that a radical D.A. like Kim Foxx would give leniency to a convicted felon committing violence with an illegal gun because she’s done it over and over again,” Johnson said.

Johnson told the Washington Free Beacon that Foxx’s office is dropping felony cases, especially those involving violence and gun offenses, at an alarming rate. Foxx added that the police had to file charges against an admitted killer after Foxx refused to charge the suspect.


Foxx was also at the center of controversy after she refused to press charges against race hoaxer Jussie Smollett. Following Smollett’s staged attack, police brought disorderly conduct charges against the actor.

Foxx, however, dropped the charges against the actor, sighting a lack of evidence to gain a conviction.