Why Did Newsmax Let Go Of Emerald Robinson?

Newsmax has severed its relationship with White House Correspondent Emerald Robinson. Newsmax terminated her contract, ending January 2022. One is left to wonder: who do they think their audience is? The main reason Newsmax has surging viewership is because of the failure of Fox News to speak the truth even when it is not popular in the NYC-DC axis of power elites.

Emerald Robinson was one of the top voices at Newsmax. But her show has been removed from the lineup for over one month.

Robinson was suspended from Twitter and then banned because he reported her investigation into the ingredients of the Moderna vaccine, which was banned from European countries. She clumsily reported an element allegedly in the experimental drug compound. And she compared the process of establishing compliance by forcing people to wear masks and get shots as the same type of control used to get people to accept the mark of the Beast. These are connected to events predicted in the Bible during end times. While no one should attempt to prophesy the day or hour of Jesus’ return, things are looking bad.

But Robinson may have been on the way out for other reasons, and her tweets were just a convenient way to create distance. Newsmax CEO Chris Ruddy allegedly told Robinson to go easy on the Biden maladministration. The company headquarters is in Boca Raton, Florida which is not a liberal bastion of branch Covidians. Ruddy wanted her to avoid confrontations with Circle Back Jen Psaki.

Newsmax leaders do not like that Robinson is a straightforward adversary of vaccine mandates and masking commandments from on high. In a staff-wide email, Newsmax supported COVID-19 regulations by Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) even though Federal judges have been routinely striking down with stays these types of unconstitutional fiats. Robinson had expressed that she wouldn’t follow any jab mandate.

Remember how Jim Acosta loved to create conflict and controversy with Trump’s media team and press secretary. Peter Doocy from Fox News and Emerald Robinson have been some of the few correspondents to push back on the Biden-Harris regime narrative.

Newsmax did not air these exchanges. Ruddy demanded that Robinson ask more friendly questions to make Psaki and Biden look better and maintain the network’s good standing in the press corps. As if this would make anyone respect Newsmax.

After the November 2020 elections, many were upset with Fox News. People like Chris Wallace were overtly slanting cover toward Biden, participating in the most incredible political sham this country has seen, the idea that Joe Biden is a likable and capable leader. Voting abnormalities were dismissed, and Arizona was immediately called for Joe Biden.

Chris Ruddy has supported the Biden-Harris maladministration vaccine rollout. He seems to think that Newsmax should obey the commands and wishes of Biden. Suppose Joe is opposed to freedom that so is Ruddy. Therefore, Newsmax ratings have plummeted. The network is down 56% from January, but they seem to be committed to following the Fox News plan of angering viewers, suitable for alternative sites.

Media Matters, Right Wing Watch, Mediaite, and The Daily Beast ruthlessly attacked Robinson. Being suspended by Twitter has become a badge of honor. Let’s see what she does next.