White Nationalist Insurgency Joe Bidens Pants On Fire

Joe Biden has consistently spewed nonsense for the past couple of years. Just listen to him speak off-script, and it’s never been more apparent. Now, Biden has stated that “white supremacy” is the greatest threat to our nation. When Biden said “white supremacy,” we all know he’s talking about the republicans. For a man that has said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for Trump or me, then you ain’t black,” you would think it was David Duke himself speaking.

There’s no doubt that January 6th has shown that violence can manifest whenever tensions are high. Still, when further examination of the January 6th Capital Riots, information has surfaced that shows leftist agitators were bussed in, and even the FBI could be involved.

For many years, the political theater has been used. The FBI and CIA have targeted political opponents, according to evidence. A search warrant was served to Rudy Guiliani’s home, and all electronics were taken save for one: a hard drive containing information from Hunter Biden’s laptop. Is there anyone who is surprised by this? It is hardly surprising that the FBI was paid to organize an insurgency-style event targeting patriotic Americans, including Donald Trump. Just last year, Democrats defended rioting in our streets as a kind of “social justice” while blaming race relations for the fractious nature of demonstrators. Under no circumstances does the first amendment grant the power to damage businesses and property. When asked about the riots, AOC stated, “When people want a halt to the disruption, they should also demand an end to the core causes of the turmoil.” But imagine you call for an end to the turmoil but do not argue for addressing the core causes. You are a hypocrite in that case.” No, you are the hypocrite, AOC.

AOC wept in an Instagram live video only a year later, comparing the January 6th Capitol Riot to being in “war.” I didn’t see AOC express sorrow for the youngsters killed in street violence around the country. Those who have served or are currently serving in the military will tell you that January 6th is unlike any other day. Everyone who walked inside the capitol was unarmed. People can be seen wandering around, speaking to police, waiting in line for the restroom, and remaining calm in videos that have surfaced. Many of those vandalizing the capital were apprehended by individuals around them. “You have to dig fairly hard to find Democrats decrying fires, rioting, violence, looting, theft, and burning police cars,” Dennis Prager stated. He is not mistaken. Dennis Prager is a Conservative radio, and talk show personality noted for his pragmatic approach to politics.

The Democratic Party is paving a path meant to destroy rationality and conservative values. Big tech companies have used coronavirus, January 6th, and election integrity to censor opposition to liberal views. The Democratic Party is bent on Government dependence. That view is against the values that the United States was built.

Marrick Garland has said that white supremacy and “militia violent extremists” are the “most persistent and lethal threats.” It seems the definition of white supremacy is not clearly defined by the left. There’s a term that has recently been used. “White adjacency.” It’s the belief that you do not have to be white to align yourself with white supremacy. The madness continues.

Meanwhile, segregation-style tactics are championed, such as black-only college graduations, black-only safe spaces, and so on. It’s insulting to believe that an individual is incapable of seeing the content of one’s character without seeing the color of their skin. And that goes for any ethnicity.