White House Provides No Clear Reason Why Biden Wore Mask

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre stumbled through a response to a reporter on Wednesday when the reporter asked why President Biden was wearing a mask while exiting Marine One.

The conversation got weirder as she tried to explain first, that she “didn’t notice” that the president was wearing one, and then explained that everyone wore one — even after negative testing.

“Well — that’s a — I don’t know. I did not notice that. We all wore our masks on Marine One,” the press secretary responded.

The reporter furthered the question by asking if the president was recently exposed to which Jean-Pierre responded, but didn’t answer the question.

“Well, I can — I can tell you this: Yesterday, he tested negative on an antigen test for COVID-19. He tested negative. So, that part I know. So, I can share that with you right now,” she offered as she danced around the question.

She continued by saying they were following CDC guidelines:

“It’s not something that I noticed. I always try to have a mask and follow the CDC guidance — right? — guidelines. When it comes to transportation, we put on — we put on a mask. I just don’t have anything more to share,” she said.

This is not the first time Americans have been confused by Biden’s masking choices which seem to be more theatrical than scientific.

The messaging coming from the White House has been unclear and ever-changing on masks and their effectiveness. In April 2022, Biden declared that the decision to wear a mask is “up to them” — referring to Americans after a federal judge struck down the CDC mask mandate for public transportation.

That statement came on the same day that then-press secretary Jen Psaki advised all Americans to continue to mask up.

The mask madness has made a recent comeback with many schools implementing a mask mandate after the winter break return.

The subject remains highly controversial with both sides of the argument claiming science proves its case. Officials in New Jersey, New York, California, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts are all contemplating returning to masking for schools, indoor events, and public transportation.