White House Communications Chief Leaves Administration

Amid Joe Biden’s tanking approval ratings, another White House staffer leaves less than a year into the administration.

White House communications chief of staff Emma Riley posted a tweet on Friday announcing that she is leaving her post for another Washington position with the Department of Labor.

Riley’s departure came just one day after Vice President Kamala Harris’ communications director, quit her position. Ashley Etienne left the East Wing Thursday as reports of turmoil swirled through the White House. She also worked in the Obama administration and was a longstanding advisor to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, serving as her communications director.

CNN published a report last week detailing the dysfunction and stress among the vice president’s staff. When George Stephanopoulos with ABC News asked Harris if she felt the Biden administration was “misusing or underusing” her, she responded with her typical laughter.

CNN’s article detailed mutual frustration between the Biden and Harris offices. Several former Harris aides have said they felt left “hung out to dry” as the vice president is forced to operate without assistance from the administration. Others have reportedly “thrown up their hands” at the vice president’s “lack of focus.”

A Fox News survey published last week indicates that Biden’s approval rating has sunk to 44 percent, 54 percent disapproval. His approval rating as recently as June stood at 56 percent.

In the previous six months, Biden’s approval rating for handling the pandemic fell by 16 points. During the same time frame, his economic rating has dropped 15 points. His current approval rating for the economy is 36%, and his approval rating for immigration is 31%.

Moreover, half of those polled are dissatisfied with Harris’ performance and believe she is unfit to be president.