White House Aides Are Now Avoiding Press Conferences

The past week, in and of itself, has been very challenging for the White House.

Biden’s overseas trip to Europe was a complete disaster, for starters. His comments about regime change, American troops going into Ukraine, and the US unleashing chemical weapons on Russia had to be quickly walked back by the White House.

On top of these latest crises, Biden’s low approval ratings don’t bode well for the White House ahead of the midterms.

Thus far, this administration has enjoyed the luxury of their party controlling Congress. Yet, thanks to Biden’s behavior and policies, the power balance in Congress will be very different after November.

As the house of cards on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue runs into more complications, Biden’s own White House aides are now avoiding press conferences, according to Twitchy.

A Horrible Look for the Biden Administration

On Monday afternoon, national security adviser Jake Sullivan and deputy press secretary Andrew Bates were supposed to speak with reporters about current events happening in the world and in the country.

At one point, someone from the White House stepped in, said a situation came up, and claimed everyone had to go. In the end, one of the reporters asked the White House where the national security adviser was.

There was no response from any of the White House staffers on Monday. They just awkwardly looked at reporters and then walked away.

Needless to say, this behavior from a White House that previously claimed it would be the most transparent administration in history was concerning. The Biden administration has since been shredded on social media.

Reactions from the American People

The absence of the national security adviser from Monday’s press conference was an insult, as many Twitter users pointed out.

At a time when the president has made several comments upsetting Russia and even warned of food shortages, the national security adviser should be present and answering important questions.

Another common point from social media users dealt with how out of their element Biden’s staffers appeared on Monday. Still, it goes without saying that the deer-in-the-headlights looks on their faces didn’t offer any assurances to the American public.

Some people reacted to Monday’s incident by stating the country is in trouble if these are the officials leading America and making decisions. This behavior from Biden’s staffers comes against the backdrop of poor behavior from Biden himself on Monday.

The president flatly denied making statements in Europe about chemical weapons against Russia, Russian regime change, and sending American troops to fight in Ukraine. Biden’s denials come in spite of these statements being on video everywhere.