Where Biden Wasted Covid Funds

$23.3 Trillion is the amount that the United States is in debt.

67,000 is the number of homeless Armed Forces Veterans living in the United States of the 630,000 homeless.

Joe Biden has said that he will re-allocate $900 million in Covid relief funds to improve housing conditions for illegal immigrant children. The allocation of funds does not represent the American people.

Two hundred thousand businesses have closed permanently since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic in early 2020. Business relief was hard to come by, and many states Department of Revenue could not answer questions business owners asked. That is if they were able to get ahold of someone in the first place.

The unprecedented economic hit the U.S. received has changed the way everyone lives their life. You had to go to work if you couldn’t work from home. But if your employer shut the doors forever, then you were left unemployed. While unemployment checks were given throughout the pandemic and still are, it’s worth asking where the rest of the Covid relief money is going?

States have implemented “Vaccine Lotteries,” in which the inoculated are entered into a lottery-style system to earn millions of dollars. I’m sure businesses would have welcomed government assistance last year when the GOVERNMENT made it impossible for them to provide for their families.

Of course, migrant children need to be helped. We can’t put children on the street. But how did you think we had so many unaccompanied minor immigrants who initially arrived in the USA?

The Wall!

Or lack thereof. When the border is left wide open, it’s to be expected that this will happen. That is why President Trump was building it in the first place.

So, you may be wondering, where are their parents? Parents of undocumented children are refusing to bring their children because they are afraid of being deported. Consider the psychological impact on a child.

The same strategy is employed repeatedly. Spend money on the problem as long as it remains, but do nothing to address the underlying source. The $900 million plan wouldn’t be shocking if it provided provisions to lock down our border and stop the continuation of illegal immigrant children from being abandoned in the U.S., but that’s too rational for this administration.

Biden has mismanaged the re-allocation of funds, and if the border would have been adequately secured, then the millions could have gone to Covid relief as initially intended. Families of Americans are financially starved, and the homeless population is on the rise. When will Biden learn how to take care of America first?