West Point Teaching Its Cadets About “Whiteness” and “Queer Theory”

West Point cadets are being taught about “whiteness,” “race privilege” and other elements of critical race theory, according to documents recently handed over by the military academy.

The documents, which include presentation slides, course outlines and emails, reveal the shocking extent to which the controversial racial theory has infiltrated one of the most prestigious American service academies.

One presentation included in the set of documents teaches cadets that “racism is ordinary, race is socially constructed, and White Americans have primarily benefited from civil rights legislation.” Another maintains that cadets must “address whiteness,” which the presentation defines as a “standpoint or place from which White people look at themselves and the rest of society.”

The documents, which number over 600 pages, were released after the government watchdog group Judicial Watch sued the military twice under the Freedom of Information Act. The lawsuits were initiated after the Department of Defense failed to comply with a legally-binding request for documents pertaining to cadet instruction.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, spoke about what the documents could mean for the future of American armed forces.

“Our military is under attack — from within,” Fitton said. “These documents show racist, anti-American CRT propaganda is being used to try to radicalize our rising generation of Army leadership at West Point.”

Critical race theory, commonly abbreviated as CRT, is a social theory which seeks to unveil the hidden racial biases operating in American laws and institutions. Critics of CRT charge that the theory is itself a form of anti-White racism and discrimination.

Some Republican lawmakers have spoken out against the teaching of critical race theory and other “woke” ideologies in U.S. service academies. Last year, Rep. Mike Waltz (R-FL) said he had also received classroom materials that raised “serious concerns about the U.S. Army’s introduction of elements of critical race theory into cadet instruction.”

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) echoed Waltz’s unease, arguing that the “U.S. military must focus on confronting the new Axis of Evil — Communist China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea,” and that these regimes don’t “care how woke our military is or what our soldiers’ pronouns are.”