Wade Allegedly Omitted Trump Case Income From Divorce Documents

Troubling new allegations continue to emerge regarding the apparent relationship between Fulton County, Georgia, District Attorney Fani Willis and Nathan Wade, whom she appointed as a special prosecutor in her election interference case against former President Donald Trump and more than a dozen co-defendants.

According to a court filing by one of those co-defendants, Michael Roman, Willis, and Wade maintained an illegal and inappropriate romantic relationship and used proceeds from Wade’s six-figure salary as a special prosecutor to fund lavish vacations together.

Not only was Wade allegedly unqualified for the case, Roman’s complaint indicated that he filed for divorce from his wife — after 20 years of marriage — on the same day that Willis appointed him to the case. Furthermore, the filing suggests he did not report his earnings from the Trump case in his divorce papers.

Jocelyn Wade, his estranged wife, reportedly subpoenaed Willis to testify in an ongoing divorce case.

A number of other claims have surfaced in recent days, including evidence that Wade billed the White House on two separate occasions for consultations, thus fueling speculation that the Biden administration was somehow involved in the pursuit of charges against Trump.

Attorneys representing the former president in the Georgia case are now pushing for additional details regarding the claims, including the White House’s possible role, and Trump himself has insisted that the district attorney should be disqualified and the charges against him dismissed.

“When is Fani going to drop the case, or should it be dropped for her?” he wrote in a recent social media post.

In a separate post, he declared in capital letters: “All charges against me, and others, should be immediately dropped, with apologies, and monetary damages for the illegal and highly political persecution of innocent people.”

Roman’s court filing similarly determined that, in light of the evidence presented therein, Willis and Wade should have no role in the case against him and the other co-defendants.

“Accordingly, the district attorney and the special prosecutor have violated laws regulating the use of public monies, suffer from irreparable conflicts of interest, and have violated their oaths of office under the Georgia Rules of Professional Conduct and should be disqualified from prosecuting this matter.”

U.S. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) submitted a criminal referral to her state’s governor and attorney general regarding the alleged behavior of Willis and Wade.

“This is part of Fani Willis’ unlawful partisan pattern, through her words and deeds, to illegally politicize and weaponize her public office to wage lawfare against President Trump for the purpose of interfering in the 2024 presidential election,” she wrote.