VP Kamala Harris Unveils Five Pillar Strategy To Combat The Border Crisis

Vice President Kamala Harris was put in charge of the border, but in reality, that date could be changed to July 29th, 2021, because until then, Harris had done nothing but backtrack and tell people “Do not come” to the United States.

The White House put out a memo called “Fact Sheet: Strategy to Address the Root Cause of Migration in Central America.” What it could have been called is “Harris’ attempt to blame everyone but herself for the crisis at the border.”

The United States doesn’t need a solution to migration at the moment. We need a strategy to stop illegal immigration at the southern border, and then we can talk about strategies to mitigate immigration from Central America. At the moment, Central America isn’t the main issue.

The scariest part about the fact sheet is the diversion of responsibility for the crisis. It’s apparent that the border wall was at least minimizing the flow of illegal immigrants, and Donald Trump’s administration’s firm immigration policy was working. Nobody saw immigrants with shirts that said “Trump Please Let Us In,” did they?

The fact sheet says, “She has worked with bilateral, multilateral, and private sector partners, as well as civil society leaders, to help people from the region find hope at home.” Mexico and Central America don’t care about immigration. Otherwise, they would make it more habitable to live in those countries. They know that immigration will occur. Still, their socialist and communist ideologies have measures in place that keep a certain amount of people there through government dependence for a better life, and the risk associated with migrating hundreds or thousands of miles holds that at bay.

Here are the five pillars in the fact sheet:

  • Pillar I: Addressing economic insecurity and inequality.
  • Pillar II: Combating corruption, strengthening democratic governance, and advancing the rule of law.
  • Pillar III: Promoting respect for human rights, labor rights, and free press.
  • Pillar IV: Countering and preventing violence, extortion, and other crimes perpetrated by criminal gangs, trafficking networks, and other organized criminal organizations.
  • Pillar V: Combating sexual, gender-based, and domestic violence.

Now, let’s go over these pillars and see what change will occur by putting them side-by-side with Biden’s administration actions in the United States.

Pillar wouldn’t be a possibility unless democracy and labor laws were equally enforced. Companies like Gildan and others thrive in Guatemala and Nicaragua because labor laws are either relaxed or not enforced at all. Plenty of labor law violations have been reported by company employees, not to mention that according to salaryexplorer.com, factory workers make around 7,150 GTQ per month, which is $923.08 in U.S. currency.

Pillar II would have to bring the U.S. military or other entities into these countries to keep them in check. Transparency isn’t exactly a standard in these countries, and this would rely on compliance.

Pillar III would require a capitalist culture, and that doesn’t exist in most circumstances. The people of Central America rely on the government for most of their necessities, including employment.

Pillar IV, if you notice what Cuba has done to their citizens, they shut off their internet. When uprisings inside countries happen, an authoritarian government will always want to silence people’s voices to the outside world. The Biden administration has no intention of fighting organized crime in other countries, and they haven’t even done that in the United States.

Pillar V is just ridiculous. If none of the other pillars are feasible, then you can’t possibly enforce gender equality in these countries, nor is gender equality the main issue the immigrants face.

These strategies sound like a stalling tactic by the Biden administration to buy time for as many illegal immigrants to enter the country under the facade of “we’re working on it” so they can then give rapid citizenship and gain Democrat voters. This absurd strategy doesn’t solve any problem that is an immediate threat to the United States. Try again, Harris.