Voters Acting to Stop Law Giving Driver’s Licenses to Illegal Migrants

Massachusetts citizens are fighting back against a law passed by the state’s heavily Democratic legislature that will soon be providing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens residing in the Bay State. A ballot initiative movement is underway to revoke the law.

The bill was vetoed in May by Republican Gov. Charlie Baker. Democrats had a large enough majority in both houses of the state legislature to override the veto, setting the law to become effective in 2023.

In the states that allow illegal migrants to obtain driver’s licenses, voter fraud has become more common. Gov. Baker said when he vetoed the law that it restricts the state’s ability to share accurate citizenship information with agencies responsible for ensuring only citizens are able to register to vote in the state.

The new “Fair and Secure Massachusetts” petition would place the law on the ballot in the November general election so that voters can decide whether to keep or scrap the legislation.

According to the petition website, a “majority of NO votes in November would repeal the law.” Organizers said that they need to gather 60,000 legal signatures by August 24 to move the process forward, and the petition is open to all registered voters in the state.

The group is working with Republican politicians around the state to set up locations where voters can appear and sign the petition.

Boston Herald columnist Howie Carr wrote on Friday that the question for voters is easy to understand. He framed it as, “Why should people who don’t belong here, who don’t obey the law, any law, be rewarded with yet more handouts and free rides?”

Democrats have worked alongside open border advocacy groups to make the availability of driver’s licenses to illegal migrants a central part of their agenda. Their total commitment to removing the privileges meant for legal immigrants and U.S. citizens obtained by complying with the law hinges in many ways on making official identification easy to obtain.

Activists are well aware that driving without a valid license is the threshold criminal violation that gives federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officers the power to initiate arrest and deportation proceedings.

More than 292,000 illegal immigrants currently live in Massachusetts out of a total population of 6.9 million.