Vladimir Putin Wants ‘His War’ Now Rather Than Later And He’s ‘Counting Out’ The US

Vladimir Putin and Joe Biden are playing a dangerous game of chicken. The momentum of Russian hostility towards Ukraine is building, and Joe seems to be pushing it along. Vladimir is not leading his nation toward democracy. The only question is whether modern Russia is like the USSR of the Cold War?

Does Putin want to expand the Russian sphere of influence to include the former satellite states of Eastern Europe? The Biden-Harris maladministration thinks that building a steady relationship with Russia is a waste of time. Putin has an ancient understanding of US and European interests. It has a fragmented handle of what drives Western nations.

Putin treats Russia as his piggy bank. And he sees danger, plots, and intrigue around every corner. It is a KGB background showing itself. He probably runs dead drops at the park after watching The Americans.

Geopolitical wonks like to say that he is a rational actor. KGB, his time in Dresden, and the predominant political perspectives in Russian circles would dismiss his ability to act strategically by referring to the Cold War. Rationality is not the same as predictable or passive.

Putin excessively takes a self-interested viewpoint. It is the wellspring of his shortcomings by attempting to twist reality and control the ability of people to receive and gain the truth, and he is high on his supply of distortion. He is always playing with fiction like a child with her imaginary doll family. He is not capable of separating reality from illusion. His instruments for doing so are insufficient. The people around him feed into and enable his fantasy.

Putin views himself as the protector of mother Russia against a terrible West hell-bent on its destruction. When the West infringes on his simple plan to assert greater dominance in the region, this justifies various actions. It may even require drastic action from Vladimir Putin, the excellent papa bear in the north.

Ukraine is where Putin must start to rebuild the Soviet Union’s power base for Russia. Eastern European nations lining Russia’s pockets with food, fuel, and troops would open new doors of opportunity for Moscow. In 2014, Putin took a bite out of the excellent bread basket by annexing Crimea. It also puts a stranglehold on the Black Sea like Zangief from Street Fighter.

Putin thinks he can advance and then negotiate a new normal on political and security terms with Germany acting as his patsy. He characterizes Moscow’s range of authority to all the space in Europe under the USSR. It may even extend to the Atlantic at some stage. Putin’s interests supersede all others. For Putin, Russia is a Superpower.

Putin may need to jump-start his attack on Ukraine because he will not allow the Russian-Ukrainian border to stabilize when the US sock puppet anti-President is inviting disaster. He may engage in precipitate attempts to destabilize the US through election meddling further, pushing more Democrat party fraud or investigations, blackmail, and impeachment trials by using all of the politicians on the Chinese payroll.

The United States and NATO have an aggregate GDP that puts Russia to shame. But Europe will do nothing, and a confused and inept grandpa leads the US. It is why he would prefer a non-military endeavor that met the definition of unconventional warfare according to the modern doctrine of the revolution in military affairs. Even an incredibly distracted and demoralized US military can inflict massive damage simply with a strategic bombing campaign. And the threat of nuclear war has faded into the back of our collective consciousness.