Virginia Lt. Gov. Sears Addresses Democrats’ ‘Hatred’ Of Black Conservatives

Despite ostensibly standing up for minorities, a number of Democrats have expressed derision toward Black conservatives.

A 2020 opinion piece published by the Daily Beast, for example, described conservative pundit Candace Owens as “a tool of racist propaganda and deflection.”

When Republican Virginia Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears became the first female elected to the position last year, she continued speaking out about her conservative views and the disdain she has received from the left.

In a recent interview, Sears asserted that Democrats “need to get 80 to 90% of the Black vote” in order to continue winning elections.

“That’s why they are so full of hatred when conservatives like me, or libertarians, don’t think the way they do,” she said. “We don’t really care.”

Referencing the historical plight of Blacks in America, she insisted that “slaves did not die in the fields to be beholden to the Democrat Party” but were instead interested in reuniting their families, securing their freedom, and attaining a quality education for their children.

Instead of assisting Black Americans in reaching those goals, Sears said that Democrats “were the ones who were keeping us from achieving” meaningful progress.

“Then there’s this other thing that is happening with Black women not having their babies,” she added. “And they call me a White supremacist for saying we want more Black babies. Democrats have to make up their minds.”

The Virginia Republican went on to cite the importance of her faith in directing her career in public office.

“What the world considers success, I don’t,” she said. “I have come to believe it the way the Lord defines it. Were you obedient? All He wants to know is did you obey me?”

She discussed similar themes during a recent segment of the Glenn Beck Show.

Sears has also referenced the Democratic Party’s record on education, suggesting that it has unfairly put Black students at a disadvantage.

As she told Fox News host Trey Gowdy: “People who look like me say it’s about time we have that same ability as everybody else because the other side, unfortunately, is using education as a political weapon. But, as a parent, there’s only one question: is my child learning? That’s it. Full stop. Is my child learning? Because with a good education my child will have a future, will have a hope, will be able to create generational wealth.”