US Corporations Cutting Workers, Sending Billions To Race Hustlers

For many Americans, the 2020s are largely marked by the Covid-19 outbreak and the ensuing lockdowns, mass layoffs, and race riots fueled by Black Lives Matter. Also occurring at the time were large bouts of layoffs and numerous dividend cuts.

In spite of these cost-cutting initiatives launched by many of these corporations, a conservative estimate by The Federalist revealed that companies donated over $83 billion to the Black Lives Matter movement and similar causes after the passing of George Floyd.

A conservative estimate it was indeed — an analysis from McKinsey and Company found that these companies may have in reality pledged over $340 billion to various racially-charged causes. The Federalist noted that this type of money amounts to 83% of the $411 billion the World Bank believes will be required to rebuild Ukraine, and is higher than the GDPs of 51 separate countries in Africa.

Reports by American journalist Andy Ngo claimed that actors in the BLM organization have purchased numerous multi-million dollar mansions following massive donations received from corporations and “gullible whites” alike.

AT&T served as a prominent example of a corporation that cut employees while still making substantial donations to left-wing causes. The Texas-based telecommunications giant axed 3,400 jobs in June of 2020 while closing down over 250 retail locations. It also reportedly sliced its quarterly dividend from $0.52 per share to $0.2775 in 2022.

Meanwhile, the company has promised to spend over $3.1 billion on ‘racial justice,’ according to The Federalist. It also has infamously launched racist company initiatives such as the ’21-Day Racial Equity Habit Challenge,’ which pushes employees to learn about “power, privilege, supremacy, oppression, and equity.” AT&T additionally engaged in blatant racial discrimination, forming a partnership with a race-based hiring platform focusing on Black people.

Other instances of employee firings coupled with funding leftist movements were seen with Boeing and Uber, which both let go thousands of employees while still funneling tens of millions of dollars to groups that supposedly pursue inclusion and social justice. General Motors donated a similar amount while halting its dividend and share buyback programs, as did UPS.