Uncommitted Democratic Delegates Plan To Voice Concerns Over Gaza War At Convention

As the Democratic National Convention in Chicago approaches, a small but determined group of uncommitted delegates is gearing up to bring their message of opposition to the Israel-Hamas war directly to President Joe Biden and the public.

The currently 35-delegate contingent is the result of the Democrat primary, where many liberal voters cast “uncommitted” votes to protest the handling of the conflict in Gaza by Biden and his administration.

Organizers in states such as Minnesota, Michigan and Rhode Island are coordinating their efforts to secure speaking slots, committee positions, and the opportunity to introduce resolutions at the convention. Asma Mohammad, a leader in the Minnesota effort that resulted in 11 uncommitted delegates, said their goal is to ensure the president hears their concerns while avoiding disruptive protests.

The uncommitted delegates represent a fraction of the total 4,672 delegates who will gather at Chicago’s United Center in August. However, they hope to use their presence on the convention floor to amplify the voices of progressive activists who believe Biden’s support for Israel during the war is a liability in his reelection bid against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump.

Recent polls show Biden’s handling of the Gaza conflict has eroded the support of key Democratic constituencies, including Muslim, Arab, progressive and young voters.

A YouGov poll commissioned by Americans for Justice in Palestine Action found that one in five voters in five battleground states is less likely to vote for Biden due to the Middle East conflict.