Unable To Fix Channel Crisis, Britain Will Dump Migrants In Rural Areas

Reports indicate that United Kingdom Immigration Minister Robert Jenrick has told lawmakers that the government is contemplating sending more asylum seekers to rural areas.

Telegraph reports that government officials have been feeling pressure from Conservative Party politicians who’ve complained about the number of migrants in their areas.

Instead of addressing the migrant boat crisis with actual solutions, Minister Jenkins is simply handing the problem off to rural dwellers.

“We are now seeking to procure accommodation more broadly in smaller cities, towns, and indeed in some cases in rural areas,” began Jenkins. “That does mean I am afraid that as long as numbers are so high that more parts of the country experience this issue, but it does ensure greater fairness as to how, as a country, we tackle it.”

“Fairness” has nothing to do with it. Jenkins is acting like the kid who stuffs all of his dirty clothes under the bed after his mom tells him to clean his room. He’s not trying to fix the problem, he’s tired of being hassled about it.

Jenkins is not the only European leader to move migrant overflows out of the city. A similar proposal was made in Germany back in 2016, and in September French President Emmanuel Macron suggested moving asylum seekers to rural areas with declining populations.

Amid a historic housing crisis, Ireland seems to be implementing Macron’s plan as it appears thousands of migrants are being moved out of cities to sparsely populated regions. The result has been extreme demographic changes, with one town’s population doubling due to the sudden influx.

Crime has also been a consequence of Ireland’s illogical measure. “I know for a fact that there are people actually afraid to walk the streets or walk down along the road,” said an Irish politician.

While policies like these don’t exist in the U.S., our immigration problem exceeds that of Britain. Asylum seekers in the U.S. don’t have to wait to be ordered to rural areas because the Biden administration isn’t detaining them.

The sad but logical conclusion is that we’ll start seeing America’s inner-city crime problem trickle into small towns.