U.S. Left Behind As Russia, China Rise In Central Asia

Political power over a state is tricky, and you might have it today or lose control tomorrow. For instance, for the past 20 years, the U.S. forces were present in Afghanistan, but now, the state has no foreign interventions, with the Taliban ruling the state as they please. However, the exit of American troops from Central Asia gives Moscow a golden chance to come back into power. Once again, after 30 years of Russia’s intervention in Afghanistan, it seems as though Moscow is taking the opportunity to assert itself into Central Asia.

Russia seems to have emerged as a powerful player in security affairs because of the Afghanistan crisis. It allows Russia to assert more power as the NATO and U.S. forces withdraw themselves from Afghanistan. But since the U.S. is used to having control and interfering with other states, it might not be long before the next political clash. A history of political confrontations between states over control over foreign lands represents a risky business. But now, as Russia’s hold and influence have the chance to expand in Central Asia, the scams of democracy by the American’s feels like a sham in comparison to Russia’s values. In addition to this, many Russian officials now warn the world that America cannot be trusted, suspecting it to do another intervention in Ukraine, as it may also abandon its people in need or crisis.

So, the abandonment of a 20-year-old fight with the Afghan troops by the U.S. army also represents how America, one of the strongest nations globally, led by leaders like Trump, Obama, and Bush, has lost its way. Hasty and reckless decision-making by leaders like Biden is one of the factors causing the demise of the political power and credibility that the U.S. held over other states. So, considering the recent events, we can see that Biden’s irresponsible actions are ruining the state’s representation, giving opportunities for political control to rivals like Russia.