Tweeters Can’t Let Joe Biden Talk About Gun Crime

“We have to fulfill the first part of a democracy, keep each other safe.” Anyone can agree with the statement made by Joe Biden at his gun control meeting at the White House.

Americans have a group identity of taking care of one another, not only financially, emotionally, but physically too. When disaster erupts in any form, Americans are there to protect each other from harm.

Biden continues, “That’s what the American people are looking for in reducing violent crime and gun violence.”

Biden can say these things all he wants, but what the American people have shown in the last year is that firearm possession is the most significant concern. According to, 5 million Americans will become first-time gun owners in 2020, bringing the total number of gun owners in the United States to 100 million. It is evident what the majority of Americans desire: self-defense. Illegal gun crime occurs. There is no evidence to justify disarming Americans to minimize gun crime.

That relates to the second point, which is the defunding of the police. What statistical evidence is there that defunding the authority will lower violent crime? Zero! Violent crime has increased in practically every city in the United States.

In the meeting, Biden addressed the Cuban protestors, saying he stands with them and encourages the Cuban government not to harm citizens. Reports and videos from Cuba tell a different story. Cuban police and military are actively putting the Cuban people in prison and acting violently toward protesters. Biden offered support and assistance to Cuba and Haiti but didn’t say what that support would consist of, but it can be expected that it would support the Cuban government. As President, you can’t simultaneously enact gun control measures while helping the people of Cuba to protest their tyrannical dictator while offering assistance to Cuba. We all know Biden wasn’t providing aid to the Cuban citizens. He was talking about the Cuban government. We all know Biden was not assisting Cuban citizens. He was referring to the Cuban government. The Department of Homeland Security has previously stated that Cuban migrants will not be welcomed in the United States, so what is Biden saying here?

Biden said one of the things that work is “Stemming to flow of firearms used to commit violent crimes.” Statistically, a pistol will be used in violent crime over any other type of firearm. Most states require a pistol purchase permit or other forms of “permission” to acquire a pistol. You have to be 21 years old to buy a gun, yet regulation has not brought the statistical data down. Why is this? Guns are easy to conceal and carry. The ease of use makes them preferred as an everyday carry weapon. AR-15 style rifles account for around 1% of all shootings, yet they are targeted most when gun control talks occur. You have to be 18 years old to purchase an AR-15. Wrap your head around that. The regulation doesn’t affect the crime rate.

Biden also wants to give more funding to local law enforcement. Back to defund the police, I digress.

Biden says he wants to support prisoned criminals in re-entering society by giving them access to housing, jobs, etc. While this appears to be a good plan with good intentions, the way the left has recently approached incarceration has generated many concerns. Inmates have cut their detention in half just by getting the Covid-19 vaccine, and overpopulation during the Covid-19 pandemic caused many cities to release inmates early. Many of these individuals continued to commit more crimes upon release. It doesn’t seem like the solution that’s needed.

Maybe Biden should be more focused on Hunter Biden’s gun crime.

These policies, in addition to “Red Flag Laws,” are what America must avoid. An armed society is a civilized society, as the adage goes. Understanding your rights as a citizen is critical to the advancement of the United States.