Tucker Carlson ‘Hammers’ The Pentagon And Corporate Media Over Afghanistan Debacle

On Friday’s episode of “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Fox News, host Tucker Carlson blasted the corporate media and the military-industrial complex over their progress claims in Afghanistan for years when the reality on the ground was something entirely different.

Carlson pointed out the immediate hostility the top military leaders had toward President Donald Trump after taking office in 2017. Despite the American system being based on the military taking orders from a civilian commander-in-chief elected by the people, the Joint Chiefs of Staff appeared to feel different regarding President Trump.

He stated that the Pentagon began attacking Trump with leaks and stories about his allegedly ignoring Russian bounties on Americans in Afghanistan. Then the Pentagon disobeyed orders to withdraw troops from Afghanistan and Syria.

The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark Milley, told Michelle Obama on the day Joe Biden took office that “no one” had a “bigger smile” than he did. Carlson said that the Pentagon joined in with former and current intelligence officers as well as the media in celebrating that the “adults were back in charge.” He ran several clips demonstrating the virtual uniform “adults in charge” talking point.

Carlson discussed the recent trouble that Biden has presented for his political and media sycophants. The “greatest offense of all” has been withdrawing support for the neocon project of eternal war in Afghanistan. The deep state refused to abide by Trump’s decision to bring the Afghanistan war to an end. When Biden decided to follow through, however aimlessly, the neocons aimed at him.

He showed that if one follows the language of the generals regarding Afghanistan for the last 20 years, the realization comes into focus that they have been pretending that “everything is fine” when in reality it has been anything but “fine.”

No matter how bad things may have been going, the generals assured everyone that we were making “progress.” In fact, “progress” was used so much that it seemed almost impossible that it was not coordinated.

Carlson cited multiple examples throughout the last 20 years from spokespeople from the U.S. Central Command, Gen. Stanley McChrystal, Gen. David Petraeus, Gen. Milley, Defense Secretary Robert Gates, and others that no matter what the situation was, the war was always showing “progress.”

Carlson expressed a familiar American feeling of confusion about how Kabul fell “in an afternoon” after 20 years of occupation and “progress.” He also discussed the leak of Biden’s private conversation with the Afghan president that left Biden attempting to defend his statement to the Afghan president that he should “project” success in defending against the Taliban whether that was “true or not.”

He concluded the segment by showing how obvious it should have been that the deep state would react to orders to end the war by arming the Taliban and stranding American citizens in Kabul.