Tucker Carlson and Jason Whitlock Explain Why The Left Hates Free Speech

Tucker Carlson, host of Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight, is calling out leftist tyranny once again as it is now focused on Twitter CEO Elon Musk for his focus on free speech with his newly-acquired social media platform.

Jason Whitlock of BlazeTV joined the program on Monday to give insight into the groupthink phenomena that Twitter has been using for years to shape the thoughts of the public.

Tucker compared Musk’s ascension as the most dangerous man in the world to that of Saddam Hussain and asked Whitlock a simple question. What is Musk’s crime?

Whitlock responded by saying that his crime is, “potentially ratting out the people that have been using Twitter and social media apps as mind control. And that is what they’ve been doing with Twitter. They’ve been controlling the narrative and what people are allowed to think.”

The attacks on Musk have quickly escalated as he’s implied that he’ll be sharing information on past censorship that occurred under the prior management and ownership.

Musk responded to a tweet on Nov. 23 about disclosing internal discussions surrounding the censorship of Hunter Biden’s laptop before the 2020 election. His response was, “This is necessary to restore public trust.”

The left has come out swinging with a long list of companies pulling advertisements from the platform, and prominent organizations and individuals leaving the platform altogether. On Monday, Musk tweeted that Apple was threatening to remove Twitter from the app store but “wouldn’t tell us why.”

It looks like Apple and Musk are going blow for blow as Musk shared an “insider” secret on Monday disclosing that Apple puts a 30% tax on everything you buy in the app store.

In addition to the mass leftist exodus, the media machine has conjured enough distaste for Musk that it’s now an issue being discussed at White House briefings. The White House has confirmed they are keeping a close eye on the platform.

Musk, along with other reasonable people, is wondering why in the world these companies and individuals are so vehemently against having a platform that allows free speech.