Trump’s Impeachment Attorney Says Investigation By New York Prosecutor Is Politically Motivated Smear Campaign

Bruce Castor acted as President Donald Trump’s lead counsel during the second impeachment proceeding against the former president, and he still represents Trump today. Castor gave an exclusive interview to The Federalist in which he blasted the criminal investigation into Trump by the state of New York.

Castor said that he believes the probe conducted by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance Jr. is motivated by partisan politics. He said that the investigation is an “outrage” and that anyone involved is “doomed at the polls” when the motivation for the effort becomes public. He described the investigation as an “overt smear prosecution.”

The New York investigation appears to be focused on both Trump and his business, the Trump Organization. Vance is reportedly looking into allegations of bank and insurance fraud that implicate the Trump business in inflating property values for some purposes while undervaluing them for tax purposes. The investigation is also believed to be looking at whether Trump and his company failed to pay taxes and compensation related to company executives.

Trump himself hammered the Vance investigation earlier this year, saying that it is politically motivated and comes after years of the “fake Russia hoax” and the Mueller investigation and both impeachment proceedings.

Last week, the New York Times reported that New York’s attorney general Letitia James intends to issue a subpoena to Trump to obtain his testimony on a civil fraud investigation dating back to March 2019. James is reportedly investigating whether the Trump Organization got illegal tax breaks from Westchester County.

Castor told the Federalist that he was “not at liberty” to discuss the reported new subpoena. He said that anybody involved in the investigation would likely “have their head handed to them” in a later election.

The Trump Organization issued a statement describing the New York investigation as “another political witch-hunt.” Another Trump attorney described the rumor of the new subpoena from the attorney general as a move to get Trump’s testimony and then turn it over to Vance.