Trump’s Crypto Holdings Surpass $10 Million, Fueled by TRUMP Coin

Donald Trump, the former U.S. President and current presidential candidate, has seen his cryptocurrency holdings exceed $10 million, according to crypto analytics firm Arkham Intelligence. The bulk of Trump’s crypto wealth, amounting to $7.3 million, is held in the TRUMP coin, a meme coin that recently surged following his pro-crypto remarks at the Libertarian National Convention.

Trump’s stance on cryptocurrency has evolved significantly since his time as president. Once skeptical of Bitcoin and other digital assets, he now pledges to support the crypto industry and protect it from the Biden administration’s regulatory crackdown. At the Libertarian convention, Trump vowed to “stop Joe Biden’s crusade to crush crypto,” ensure that the future of Bitcoin is made in the USA, and support the right to self-custody.

In addition to accepting crypto donations through Coinbase for his 2024 campaign, Trump has also launched three non-fungible token (NFT) collections since leaving office. He now acknowledges Bitcoin’s popularity and its potential as an additional form of currency.

Several analysts view Trump’s potential return to the White House as a positive development for the crypto industry. Standard Chartered Bank, for example, believes that a second Trump term would be “broadly positive” for the sector.

As the presidential race unfolds, Trump’s growing crypto holdings and his vocal support for the industry are likely to keep cryptocurrency at the forefront of the political debate.