Trump Won The Cpac Straw Poll

Republicans made their voice heard at the Conservative Political Action Conference, and as you might have guessed, Trump was at the top.

What might come as a surprise, and maybe not, is who got zero percent of the vote?

Mike Pence came in dead last, most likely because of his involvement in electoral fraud and his statement that he will always be proud of his role in the election confirmation.

Greg Abbott, who most have come to love, was also at zero. While Abbott gave Texans their freedom from masks and social distancing, it may have come a little too late for his continued support. Regardless, this lands him at a tie for zero percent.

Ben Carson, who has mainly been quiet lately, also tied 0%. Carson spoke to Fox News about Critical Race Theory, saying, “These are people who are coming to age who have been taught to hate the United States of America.” As a Black American Republican, Carson has interjected in issues such as the Baltimore Housing issue in 2019. Carson said, “It’s sort of like if you have a patient who has cancer and you can dress them up and put a nice suit on them, and you can try to ignore it, but that cancer is going to have a devastating effect.” Carson was a weak candidate for the 2016 Presidential race, and people remember.

Ted Cruz only got one percent, likely for his “leave of absence” during the power outages in Texas during the winter.

Regardless, the gap between everyone and Trump is a glaring reminder that America still supports the former President.

Trump rallies continue to draw a massive crowd of thousands, and Joe Biden still can’t get through a sentence. His earpiece must be broken. America is hoping for that 25th Amendment Nancy Pelosi promises, but then again, that would put Kamala Harris in charge, and we all know that would be bad news. At least she found the border, the peaceful part.

Democrats are incredibly hopeful that Trump won’t run for President in 2024, but the 2020 election audits aren’t complete yet.

What Trump needs to do is be very careful who he selects as a running mate. As divided as the country is these days, the Vice President’s selection will be critical. According to the CPAC straw poll, Republicans aren’t very happy with the Republican party. Trump may find ease in going across the aisle with Tulsi Gabbard or keep it at home with Dan Crenshaw, Jim Jordan, Lauren Boebert, or Madison Cawthorn.

Then again, Joe Rogan would do. “White House Podcast” doesn’t seem like a bad idea.

Either way, nobody at CPAC wanted to see the listed potential candidates running in the next election. Time will tell what decisions are made, but hopefully, they’re the right ones.