Trump Threatens to Sue CNN for Defamatory Statements

In a statement released by the former president’s Save America PAC on Wednesday, Donald Trump said he has “notified CNN of my intent to file a lawsuit.” He said he is bringing legal action against the network and possibly others for “defamatory statements.”

Most of his allegations center on the last presidential election and inflammatory rhetoric coming from CNN and other left-wing media outlets.

The former president’s statement declared that his legal actions are against those journalistic sources who “defamed me and defrauded the public.” Trump cites the “overwhelming evidence of fraud” involved in the 2020 election.

In the 282-page notice, Trump’s legal team slammed the cable news channel for making “false statements” in multiple broadcasts and articles.

The just-revealed letter was dated July 21 and details CNN’s references to Trump’s claims of fraud as “lies,” “false narratives,” and “baseless theories.”

The suit said that CNN completely ignored President Trump’s belief in his statements. Instead, it published numerous articles that emphatically characterized him as a “liar” and the purveyor of the “Big Lie.”

The former president has maintained his conviction that the 2020 election was stolen through organized and fraudulent means. CNN and others in the mainstream media almost immediately slammed the door shut on his claims.

Instead, they steadfastly denied them outright and categorized the claims themselves as “lies” and “fraud.”

Whether a person is swayed or not by the former president’s assertions, it cannot be overlooked how little the left-wing media did its job after the 2020 election. Far from reporting the news, CNN and its cohorts resorted to name calling and slamming doors shut instead of investigating.

Across the board, words like “disproven,” “debunked,” “lies,” and “baseless conspiracy theories” replaced responsible journalism. And it wasn’t just the 2020 election that the leftist media pounced on.

Some of the lawsuit’s allegations date back to the 2016 election and contend that CNN repeatedly aired or published allegations that he was “illegitimately elected.”

It advises that, if the network does not publish a “correction, apology, or retraction,” the suit will be filed and damages will be sought. Stay tuned.