Trump Slammed Democrats Who Dismantle American History Monuments

“A sickness,” That was Donald Trump’s response in an interview with Lawrence Jones.

It’s become an obsession with blocking history and re-write it as the left takes down statues and implements new teaching methods in schools.

In Germany, citizens want to continue teaching about the Holocaust and the horrific events that took place. Why? Because they understand the ramifications of erasing history. History is bound to repeat itself, and the only protection against it is, to be honest about it and move into a future that is absent of the events that took place by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party.

I bring attention to the Holocaust for a few reasons. Though the term “Nazi” has been a tactic of the left in an attempt to shut down the opposition, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The Nazi Party banned gun ownership, free speech and incentivized citizens to tell the government where Jewish people were hiding. These tactics can be correlated to some of the implementations that are happening in the U.S. today. Gun control, censorship, and red flag laws all share the same structure of silencing and disarming the American people. You hear the phrase “the government is coming for your guns” when in reality, it could be other citizens that empower the government to take them from you.

Trump went on to say, “We love our flag, and we love our country, we salute our country, Abraham Lincoln wants to take his name off three schools on the west coast and say, ‘what are these people thinking.’ It’s almost, in my opinion, become a sickness. There’s something wrong.”

A sickness indeed, or maybe a plan if the left can re-write history the way they want to, they can victimize and divide whatever portion of society they want.

Why would the left want to take Abraham Lincoln’s name out of schools? The man, and Republican, who freed the slaves. That portion of history is fundamentally essential to who we are today. Is it because he’s a republican? Is that the main agenda here? I can’t remember any Democrats who have been banned from social media or have had their posts taken down. Can you?

Charlottesville, VA, decided to take down a Louis and Clark and Sacagawea statue, for what? It represents a time when white settlers and Native Americans came together. It doesn’t mean the division that is necessary to fight against the Republican party. And they’re getting away with it, a slow-motion to re-write history the way they want it to be represented.

Astonishing is the only word for the actions of the left. The idea that you can take away facts and replace them with a personal opinion will lead the U.S. down a path meant for destruction.