Trump Sees The Enraged American In A Rousing Cpac Speech

Donald Trump came out to a strong crowd at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) shouting, “USA! The USA! The USA!” His support was rounded out by a CPAC poll of possible Republican 2024 Presidential candidates winning in a landslide at 70%, followed by Ron DeSantis (R-FL) at 21%.

At one point, Trump puts his hand on his forehead, looking far to the back of the 3,500 packed arenas, saying, “Look at all those fake news people back there. They don’t challenge me.”

Trump has taken a hit from news outlets during his Presidency. Media coverage of Trump was largely negative, with little to nothing on accomplishments. On the other hand, Biden was held up on a pedestal, and they ignored Hunter Biden’s laptop.

“In the matter of mere months, Joe Biden has brought our country to the brink of ruin, right here in Texas, we are the epicenter of a border and migration crisis unlike anything anyone has ever seen before,”

Recently border patrol agents reported around 6,000 illegal border crossings per day, a far cry from keeping the border secure.

Trump didn’t hold back when he went after Biden about the border, saying, “Many of these children, for the first time, a terrible thing is happening to them, are on suicide watch (speaking about immigrant children in border facilities). They end up in a place they have no idea where it is. Our whole country has become a border.”

Trump took the opportunity to go after Hilary Clinton as well. “Could you imagine if I spied on Biden’s campaign or Obama’s campaign? Could you imagine what would have happened? They spied on my campaign, we caught them, and nothing happened. the FBI knew the Steele Dossier was a DNC (Democratic National Convention) operation paid for by DNC and crooked Hilary Clinton, who, by the way, is the angriest person in the United States.” She said, “Why the Hell didn’t you do that for me?” in 2016.

At that moment, the crowd began to chant “LOCK HER UP” over and over.

Trump blasted the 2020 Election saying, “Unfortunately, this was an election where the person counting the votes was far more important than the candidate.” And “You say election fraud, you get canceled!”

It’s become evident that Trump’s 2024 possibility is growing into a promise. Hough he hasn’t announced it yet, it sounded familiar to a campaign speech. Anticipation is growing for a Trump 2024 ticket and will continue to grow as we get closer to the election.