Trump Says Russia Invaded Ukraine In Response To Biden ‘Projection Of Weakness’

President Donald Trump spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Saturday and left no doubt that Joe Biden bears the blame for the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Trump said that Russian President Vladimir Putin would never have attacked Ukraine if he had won the 2020 election.

In one short year, Trump said that the Biden administration has become known for surging price inflation, the supply chain crisis, a flood of illegal aliens, skyrocketing crime and aggression from foreign adversaries.

He said Biden has led to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Chinese threats against Taiwan and renewed Iranian nuclear development. Regarding the disastrous withdrawal of US military personnel from Afghanistan last summer, he said Biden failed in executing a plan to complete the withdrawal the American people wanted and he began before the election. Trump said Biden left a catastrophic “power void” that the Taliban quickly filled.

Trump pointed out how quickly Biden had reversed his administration’s accomplishments in obtaining energy independence, securing the border and avoiding armed conflicts overseas. He said that his administration saw America’s perception internationally as stronger than ever before, adding that while America was a “smart country” then, it is now a “stupid country.”

He said that he does not doubt that Putin’s decision to “ruthlessly attack Ukraine” only came from watching the “pathetic withdrawal from Afghanistan,” where the military was withdrawn first, leaving Americans trapped behind Taliban lines and 13 service members dead. He noted that Biden left $85 billion worth of the world’s most delicate military equipment behind as well.

Regarding his negotiating style with foreign leaders, Trump said that it is possible to be “very tough and get along” at the same time. He said that he got along with Putin, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong-un from a position of strength. He said he could have prevented the Ukrainian “travesty” because Putin understood him and knew he “did not play games.”

Trump also said that it is impossible to defend the West if your country cannot protect its borders. He said that requires working borders, secure elections and effective crime control.

While he stopped short of announcing his intentions regarding the 2024 presidential election, he said that Americans must hold Democrats responsible at the ballot box in this year’s midterm elections. He said that conservatives are “taking back our country in 2022.”