Trump Said Foreign Aid For Taliban Should Only Follow Return Of U.S. Weapons

President Donald Trump addressed a raucous record crowd in Des Moines Saturday night at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. He took the opportunity to state that the $10 billion of foreign aid the Biden administration proposes for the Taliban in Afghanistan should come with conditions. Trump said the aid should only be paid if the Taliban returns all of the military equipment Joe Biden abandoned during the chaotic withdrawal of U.S. forces earlier this year.

Trump told the crowd that “we want our hostages back” as well as the equipment left behind before we “start talking about” foreign aid. 

He added that the “hated Taliban” has become an enforced partner because of the administration’s “weakness and their stupidity.” Trump criticized the White House for moving forward with the aid when Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is instructing the Department of Justice to investigate parents who protest at local school board meetings.

Trump said that Democrats are demanding $6 billion in new spending for teaching critical race theory in American schools at the same time as the Garland investigation into parents who dare speak out to their elected officials and public employees. 

He said that “parents are the enemy” of the administration, adding that the use of prosecutors creates a “chilling left-wing tyranny” as seen in China and “third-world dictatorships.” Trump said that Democratic leadership and the radical left have brought America “to the brink of ruin.”

Trump reminded the crowd that the current crime surge under Biden was warned of in last year’s presidential campaign. He said that “bloodthirsty gangs” are taking over the streets just as drug cartels are taking over the border, while inflation is taking over the economy and the Taliban has already taken over Afghanistan. “You can’t say I didn’t warn you!” he added.

Trump added that Biden has “launched a foreign invasion” of the U.S. and that no president has ever before shown such “utter contempt” for the oath of office.

The former president used the Iowa appearance to formally endorse Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) in his recently announced reelection bid in next year’s election.

He said that if we Americans want to save the country, we must elect America First Republicans throughout all levels of government while reforming our election systems to restore integrity and honesty to the process.