Trump On Afghanistan: ‘It’s Like The Captain Of A Ship Jumping The Ship Before The People Are Off The Boat’

Ex-president Donald Trump recently appeared on The Rick and Bubba Show, where he was, in a way, provided with a platform to share his views about Biden’s progress and the Afghan crisis. In his interview, Donald J. Trump dropped some truth bombs on Biden’s poor exit strategy and planned for the U.S. exit from Afghanistan and the nasty repercussions that his actions had.

During his interview, Trump revealed how his government had planned to escape from Afghanistan. Unlike Biden’s strategy, the first step of Trump’s evacuation plan was to get the civilians and all other U.S. personnel deployed in Afghanistan out of there. Then they would shift all their military equipment to avoid it from getting into the hands of the Taliban. It would be followed by the U.S. forces destroying all their military bases in Afghanistan to keep them from being misused. All this would be followed by the evacuation of the U.S. military forces from Afghanistan.

Trump believed that his evacuation plan for Afghanistan was seamless and priority-based, as the first step of this logical plan was to remove all U.S. civilians from Afghanistan. Compared to Trump’s plan, the evacuation executed by Joe Biden’s government was described as Grossly incompetent by Trump. It was because, unlike standard procedures, Biden went on to remove the military forces from Afghanistan first, leaving thousands of Americans stranded in Afghanistan with no way out. Due to this faulty plan, Trump described Biden as the ship captain who preferred to save himself than all the passengers on board (U.S. citizens). Trump also shared his thoughts on how platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., are radical left maniacs, as they would allow the Taliban to use their platforms instead of him.