Trump Hammers McConnell For His Support Of Biden’s Infrastructure Bill

Joe Biden was able to squeak out a legislative win on the part of his progressive “Build Back Better” agenda with passage by the House a little over a week ago of the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill previously passed by the Senate this summer. The infrastructure bill was backed in the Senate by Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). 

President Donald Trump said on Saturday that McConnell’s support of the infrastructure bill handed the Democrats a victory and could lead to potential losses for Republicans on other legislation and in next year’s midterm elections.

Trump issued his statement through his Save America PAC and said that McConnell has said that he will not attend the signing of the “Non-Infrastructure” bill, which Trump referred to as the “Elect Democrats in 2022/24 Act.” Trump pointed out that the bill only dedicates 11 percent of its funding to basic infrastructure. He added that passage of the bill handed Biden and the Democratic Party a win “just as they were falling off the cliff.”

Trump had earlier referred to McConnell as “the Old Crow” and said that he should attend the signing ceremony and put up with the scorn he has earned from Republican patriots. He said that McConnell had jeopardized the chances of Republican senators who voted along with McConnell at re-election.

Donald Trump also stated that America is being destroyed while McConnell “gives lifelines to those who are destroying it!” He criticized the minority leader for not pressing ahead with support for an infrastructure bill drafted by Republicans during the Trump administration.

The former president lamented McConnell’s failure to support the construction of a southern border wall during his administration as well. He said he could have used McConnell’s help to pass an infrastructure plan that led to complex infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and airports. 

After being hammered by Trump, McConnell has declined to attend the signing ceremony for Biden’s bill to support the plan. Biden has said that he expects a bipartisan group in attendance for the signing.