Trump Calls On Senators Who Supported Omnibus To Be Stopped

Former President Donald Trump is enraged by the 18 Republican senators who threw their support behind President Joe Biden and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell to wave through the $1.7 trillion omnibus spending package.

Trump this week followed up his congratulations for new Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) with a call to unseat McConnell and several others.

The former president labeled the sweeping spending bill “horrible” and wondered if McConnell even cares anymore. Speaking out on his Truth Social platform, Trump accused the Minority Leader of supporting “anything the Democrats want.”

The omnibus spending package, he noted, basically did nothing to address the border crisis. However, if Congress had held out for “just ten days,” Trump wrote that “the now ‘United Republican Congress’ could have made it MUCH BETTER, or KILLED IT.”

That was when he urged the GOP faithful to “primary them all.”

There is growing unrest among the Republican delegation over their colleagues who marched in lockstep with congressional Democrats and the White House. No one had a reasonable opportunity to dig through the mammoth bill before it was approved.

This social media declaration was far from Trump’s first vocal criticism of the package. In a video released just before Christmas, the Republican blasted the bill as “ludicrous,” “unacceptable,” and a “disaster for our country.”

Though the package was the product of the Democratic Congress and the White House, Trump put blame squarely on Republicans who had the power to derail it from passage.

He argued that “Biden and the radical Democrats are trying to ram through this monstrosity in the dark of night” before anyone could even read it. And while the measure contained numerous examples of pork barrel spending and pet projects, he saved most of his ire for its immigration shortcomings.

Trump, of course, took a definitive stance during his presidency on illegal immigration and border security. From building large portions of his promised wall to policies that denied entry to most illegals, the president put his stamp on the southern border.

That stamp, unfortunately, has been all but erased by the Biden White House. And for the GOP members who joined Democrats in pushing the omnibus spending package through, especially without renewed border protections, the former president expressed nothing but contempt.