Trump Blasts Biden Over Afghanistan Collapse

President Trump does not have the instant access to the American public that Twitter provided him for years. However, he still has plenty to say to President Joe Biden about the chaotic and devastating withdrawal of U.S. military forces from Afghanistan.

Biden mentioned Trump twice since the final collapse of Afghanistan’s civil government began over the weekend. In a statement on Saturday and during his White House speech on Monday, Biden took the opportunity to shift blame from himself to Trump and the Afghani security forces and government.

Biden attempted to carry out the deal that Trump struck for withdrawal over the objections of his top military commanders, insisting on remaining in the conflict for the foreseeable future. Trump initiated the drawdown, which Biden completed haphazardly to leave the country before the 20th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

On Monday, Biden said that he had to decide to follow through with Trump’s agreement or go back to fighting the Taliban in “the middle of the spring fighting season.”

Biden stated in July that there would be “no circumstance” where people would be “lifted off the roof” of the U.S. embassy in Kabul.

Trump has made some pointed statements of his own in the last few days. In a statement issued Tuesday morning, he said the withdrawal from Afghanistan made our exit from Vietnam “look like child’s play.” Trump said that Biden has “brought great shame” to the country because of the operation handled “so disastrously.”

Trump also said that Biden first “surrendered to COVID,” leading to its resurgence, and then “surrendered to the Taliban.” He added that the Taliban’s response to Biden’s withdrawal process “destroyed confidence in American power and influence.”

On Monday, Trump had issued a statement that said the problem was not leaving Afghanistan. It is the “grossly incompetent” way we went. He added that the hectic evacuation of the embassy would “never have happened” if Trump were president.

On Sunday, Trump had said that Afghanistan would go down as “one of the greatest defeats” in American history and that Biden should “resign in disgrace” over the process.