Trump-Backed Pastor Mark Burns Makes Final Push in South Carolina Congressional Race

Pastor Mark Burns, endorsed by former President Donald Trump, is making his final appeal to voters in South Carolina’s third congressional district. Burns, a staunch supporter of Trump’s America First agenda, is campaigning vigorously in the lead-up to the runoff election scheduled for June 25th.

Burns, a well-known figure in Pickens, is running on a platform emphasizing Christian values, pro-gun rights, and a strong stance against illegal immigration. His campaign has faced significant opposition, particularly from anti-Trump factions and big-money donors.

Despite the barrage of negative ads and financial backing from billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and Jeff Bezos, Burns remains undeterred. He continues to rally support across the district, which spans from the far Upstate to central South Carolina.

Burns’ campaign has highlighted his grassroots support and his commitment to conservative values. “The people of South Carolina deserve a representative who will fight for their interests and uphold our shared values,” Burns said in a recent rally.

Breitbart News reported extensive spending by anti-Second Amendment groups attempting to sway the election against Burns. However, his message has resonated with many voters who appreciate his unwavering support for gun rights and religious freedom.

The final days of the campaign have seen Burns making numerous stops across the district, urging voters to turn out and make their voices heard. “We need every single vote to ensure that our district is represented by someone who truly understands and cares about our community,” Burns stated.

Polling places for the runoff election can be found on the My SC Votes website, where voters can enter their information to locate their designated voting sites.