Trey Gowdy Calls Out Nancy Pelosi’s Committee Appointment Hypocrisy

Trey Gowdy’s “Sunday Night in America” Fox News show on August 1 took House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to task for her hyper-political approach to making selections for her select committee investigating the events of January 6. Gowdy also argued that the corporate media is too afraid of Pelosi and too dedicated to the Democrat plan to question the Speaker.

Gowdy called out the media’s empty slogans about speaking truth to power and defending democracy through open reporting as they sit quietly by ignoring Pelosi’s conduct in running Congressional investigations.

The former South Carolina representative and federal prosecutor informed his viewer of Pelosi’s history of making calculated political decisions when filling committee appointments.

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) was placed on the Benghazi committee even though he was obviously prejudiced and actively protecting Hillary Clinton in the run-up to the 2016 election. Schiff was not there to support survivors or to gather new information. He was in the bag for Clinton and, as a result, did not work to learn why the military did not respond to support the Benghazi victims. His bias was the very reason he was selected.

Schiff likewise got selected to the committee investigating President Trump over the bogus Russian collusion allegations, even though Schiff manipulated and suppressed evidence. Even though he misrepresented his direction of the “whistleblower” who stirred the media frenzy around the allegations, Pelosi picked Schiff.

Pelosi somehow thought it was prudent to let Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) stay on the prestigious House Intelligence Committee, even though he was reported to have a sexual relationship with an alleged spy for the Chinese Communist government.

It was no surprise to Gowdy that when Republican Representatives Jim Jordan from Ohio and Jim Banks from Indiana were appointed to the January 6 select committee, Pelosi used her self-granted veto power to boot them from consideration immediately.

Despite Jordan’s experience on the Judiciary and Intelligence Committees and the sensitive information he had reviewed, Pelosi threw him over in favor of her minimal choices. While Democrat members already have their minds made up, any alleged bias in favor of President Trump is enough to dismiss Republican appointees out of hand.
Gowdy actively questioned why Schiff and Swalwell get a pass for being Democrat hacks, and Jordan and Banks are not allowed to have shown any favorability in the past to President Trump.

He closed his narrative, pointing out the failure of the corporate media to ask questions about Pelosi’s apparent prejudices. Gowdy pointed out that we are in the position we are in mainly because the “referee is just as partisan as the players.”