Trey Gowdy Addresses Biden’s Reasons For ‘Promising’ To Appoint ‘Black Female’ To Supreme Court

Former South Carolina Congressman and current host of Fox News’ “Sunday Night in America” Trey Gowdy took the opportunity in Sunday’s broadcast to address Joe Biden and his upcoming Supreme Court nomination. Biden has promised to restrict his pool of candidates to replace retiring Justice Stephen Breyer to only Black females.

Gowdy asked Biden to leave identity politics out of his appointment and said that there is a significant difference between picking a “supremely qualified” candidate who “happens to be Black” and picking a person “because she is Black.”

He pointed out that most Americans, including most Democrats, believe that the President should consider every qualified candidate. Gowdy said that he did not doubt that some of the names on the list of the most talented persons would include some Black women and that he could think of several possibilities off the top of his head.

Gowdy specifically identified a colleague of his from South Carolina, Michelle Childs. He said she would compete with any pool of candidates and has made her way as an elected judge from his state because of her “character, intelligence, work ethic, and demeanor.” After being selected by voters, she received a further appointment from the “Republican-dominated” state legislature because of her remarkable qualifications. She was then confirmed without opposition by the US Senate for a position as a federal judge.

Gowdy said that all Biden had to do was say that he would search for the “most qualified person, period.” He said that Biden could have indeed chosen a Black woman from his shortlist of candidates, but of course, he chose not to do that. Gowdy said that the entire nomination process has been turned into nothing more than an opportunity to “make a political point.”

Gowdy said Biden had sent the “wrong message” by attempting to help himself, adding that Black women do not need to compete “merely among themselves” to achieve professional success. He said that picking the most qualified person from all candidates could have easily led to a Black woman, and he wished the President felt the same.