Travel Warnings For Cuban And Haitian Migrants To U.S.

By boat, Key West, FL, is 94 miles from Cuba and 587 Miles from Haiti at its closest point. The Department of Homeland Security’s secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has stated that Cubans and Haitians should not make the trip from their home country to the United States of America.

The streets of Haiti and Cuba are riddled with violent protests against their respective Governments lately. The political division has made its way to the surface of the debate to intervene, and Republicans and Democrats can agree that they are for the Cuban and Haitian people. However, the reasoning calls into question the moral compass of the Democratic Party.

Democrats have been mainly against the wall at the U.S. Southern border. Trump was hit with remarks claiming he’s racist and doesn’t care about the Hispanic community. They support illegal immigration and have advocated for their rights as citizens. Governor Murphey of New Jersey signed legislation granting illicit immigrants driver’s licenses into law. Many other extreme Democrats have recommended that illegal immigrants vote and have additional privileges that legitimate people do.

Republicans also stand with the Cuban and Haitian people. They understand the effects of over 60 years of communism and want that way of life to cease to exist. Ron Desantis hasn’t decided against accepting refugees, but the conversation is at least on the table.

Refugees and illegal immigration are not the same, and the effects aren’t the same either. The southern border is being handled has landed many children in detention facilities with little to no sanitation standard and no means of upkeep. Refugees are much different. We’ve all heard the term “kids in cages,” and the tables have turned, and it’s Kamala Harris’ job to fix that issue.

Mayorka said, “If individuals make, establish a well-founded fear of persecution or torture, they are referred to third countries for resettlement. They will not enter the United States.” And about Haiti, she added, “Any migrant intercepted at sea, regardless of their nationality, will not be permitted to enter the United States.”

It’s infuriating to watch the tactics of the left at play. The southern border was flooded with immigrants wearing “Biden Please Let Us In” and have been practically met with open arms at a rate of 6,000 per day. All while illegal immigrants are obtaining more rights than legal citizens have. The estimation of the next move the left will play is to give the illegal immigrants voting rights. After all, the left let them in, and the left is banking on their vote.

Meanwhile, Cuban and Haitian citizens come from absolute communism. And with the left attempting a socialist and eventual communist takeover, it’s no wonder why they wouldn’t want those people in the U.S. They know what a totalitarian government looks like, and they don’t want it. They have seen the damage the government can do to its citizens when it has all power. Cubans have very few gun rights. According to, an estimated 234,000 privately owned firearms, whether illegal or legal, is in Cuba. That was in 2017. In a country where guns aren’t imported, it stands to reason that number has likely gone down.

Imagine if the Cuban people had more firearms? I could imagine the overthrow of the government would be much faster. They want nothing to do with dictatorships moving forward, and that is the actual reason why the Biden Administration doesn’t want them in the U.S.