Toronto Bank ‘Freezes Accounts’ Of Freedom Convoy Participants

Participants in the Freedom Convoy in Canada learn how much loyalty the depository institutions they do business with have.

The Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Bank) has frozen the accounts of two depositors connected to the convoy. The two accounts held over $1.1 million in deposits intended to benefit convoy participants. The protestors have been taking a position against Canadian government overreach regarding COVID-19 vaccine mandates and other pandemic measures across the nation.

Reuters has reported that TD Bank applied with the Ontario Superior Court of Justice last Friday seeking an order allowing the bank to take the deposits. The bank alleged that the deposits were made using bank transfers of money raised using GoFundMe. The bank said it is seeking guidance on whether to return the funds to original donors or allow the money to be paid out as directed by the account owners. The bank said that it was unable to determine on its own who to send any refunds to.

Keith Wilson is a Canadian Attorney working for convoy participants, and he said that TD Bank has been put on notice that their actions are “improper and disappointing.” In an email, he said that the convoy would be asking for a court order this week to order the release of the donation funds to a nonprofit corporation that has been established to handle the funds.

GoFundMe has already closed down the convoy’s page seeking donations and has decided to return donations it held to donors after initially saying they intended to direct the donations to other charities of its own choice.

The convoy set up another donations page with GiveSendGo and has raised greater levels of donations than originally received through GoFundMe, currently totaling around $11 million. The Ontario court ordered GiveSendGo to freeze the donated funds last Thursday, and the company refused. GiveSendGo has said it will ask a higher court to lift an “unlawful order immediately.”

Even though the Canadian government has done everything it can to stop the Freedom Convoy for weeks, there is no end in sight for the protests demanding that the country’s citizens be freed from government oppression.