TikTok And Gender Ideology: Oli London’s Dire Warning

Former trans influencer Oli London has offered a stern warning about TikTok’s rampant propagation of gender ideology, asserting that the Chinese-owned social media giant aims to weaken American minds. London, a social media influencer who detransitioned after a public journey as a trans woman, recently shared his insights in an exclusive interview with Breitbart News. His contention? TikTok is the driving force for radical gender ideology.

London states that the platform manipulates discourse around gender ideology, implementing rigorous community guidelines and bans against anyone critiquing the transgender movement. While such restrictions are in place, videos endorsing radical gender ideology or those portraying surgical gender reassignment as a normative route for children garner billions of views.

Oli London has also linked mainstream media to this growing phenomenon, arguing that it has become the proverbial “gateway drug” for people grappling with gender identity. The media, London asserts, encourages people to embrace a trans lifestyle.

These revelations come from London’s own experience. “I was spending eight hours a day on TikTok,” he confessed to Fox News Digital earlier this year. TikTok’s AI algorithm led him down a rabbit hole of content affirming gender transitions. Watching people receive love and validation for their new personas and pronouns, London started questioning his own gender identity.

London believes TikTok’s algorithmic manipulation isn’t merely a hazard but a deliberate strategy. “They check what you’re interested in, and they push and feed you videos related to your interests,” he detailed. If a user shows interest in gender ideology content, the platform incessantly promotes similar content, influencing their perspectives.

Sadly, London’s experience is far from unique. The TikTok algorithm rewards users who share their transition journey, propelling their notoriety. The trend is particularly popular among women and girls displaying their double mastectomies, with the #topsurgery hashtag racking up over 2.1 billion views. This unchecked promotion of transformative surgeries is concerning, given the app’s popularity among children, teens, and young adults.

London deems this a dangerous trend, stating, “It destroys families, it destroys the lives of children. It teaches children that the only way to feel happy and to accept themselves is to mutilate their bodies through surgery and through taking very harmful hormones.”

London’s upcoming book, “Gender Madness,” is set to address these concerns further. The book aims to uncover how social media exposes kids to gender ideology and proposes solutions to mitigate it.