Ticket Platform Eventbrite Cancels Group Fighting Child Exploitation

Online ticketing platform Eventbrite withdrew publication of two events aimed at safeguarding children from inappropriate instruction in schools. Purple for Parents Indiana is fighting indoctrination of children with unsuitable materials and radical gender ideology.

It is difficult to imagine a just motivation for those who line up on the opposite side of individuals and groups attempting to protect children.

One event was “RSVP America: Restoring Social Virtue and Purity to America.” It focused on the history of statutes and supporters of exposing children to offensive subject matter through education.

Eventbrite ticketing for the event ended after a July 11 Reddit post asked users to “report a hate group event.” It specifically called Purple for Parents Indiana a hate group and asked that users demand its removal.

A week later, the organization received an email informing them that ticketing for the event was pulled. This was done, the note explained, due to Eventbrite’s policy on “hateful, dangerous or violent content or events.”

The platform further warned that more violations of its guidelines would result in the suspension or termination of the group’s account.

This was not the only incident of Eventbrite targeting conservative organizations. Let Women Speak Austin is dedicated to preserving protections for women and girls, including ensuring privacy from biological males invading female spaces.

They received a similar email warning of negative consequences for their “hate.”

Purple for Parents Indiana is on the front lines of a cause that is squarely in the public eye. Defending children is front and center on the minds of many Americans in the wake of woke indoctrination in the nation’s schools being exposed.

It also will benefit from exposure brought by the blockbuster film “Sound of Freedom.” This surprise hit spotlights the scourge of human trafficking and is already the 15th most-viewed film of 2023.

Even more good news is that it is outperforming such Hollywood productions as the latest Mission Impossible and Indiana Jones entries into their franchises. And it carries the same message that the Indiana group is targeted for.

Our children are not for sale. Eventbrite may consider it to be a hate group, but reasonable Americans know who is standing up for the nation’s youth. And it is certainly not those who oppose efforts to shine the spotlight on the overt targeting of children by adults with evil intentions.