The White House Courts Anti-Police Activists

The left-wing movement to defund the police did a lot of damage to Democrats. It caused massive political backlash as crime rates began to surge across the United States.

Defunding the police also showed the complete failures of policies like bail reform and early prison releases.

In the wake of this damage, establishment Democrats like Joe Biden and Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) have tried to rewrite history. At one point, the president’s administration even claimed GOP members were the true drivers of defunding the police.

Both Pelosi and Biden each went on record, arguing that defunding the police is not actually the position of the Democrat Party.

Unfortunately for Democrats, the visitor logs of the Biden administration tell a different story.

Biden Thick as Thieves with Defund the Police Radicals
Visitor logs within the past 12 months show the White House has accepted countless meetings with activists who are committed to dismantling law enforcement.

Biden may verbally talk about the need to “fund the police,” yet his top advisers are taking sessions with organized leftists who believe in precisely the opposite.

The left-wing Color of Change organization, along with Marguerite Casey Foundation CEO Carmen Rojas, are just a few examples of folks who oppose policing, yet still scored meetings with Biden aides.

To this day, the White House has not given any statements as to why it chose to have sit-downs with activists who openly call for the end of policing in America.

However, these visitor logs certainly shine a light on the true thoughts and allegiances of the current administration.

Multiple Democrats today are already plainly supportive of defunding the police. Reps. Cori Bush (D-MA) and Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) aren’t even trying to hide it like Biden and Pelosi are.

Actions Speak Louder Than Words
The meetings the Biden White House has willingly taken with folks calling to defund and dismantle policing speaks volumes.

If the administration were truly not agreeable or sympathetic to these sentiments, the White House visitor logs wouldn’t show repeated conferences with anti-police activists.

As the White House cozies up to defund the police radicals, it has not waived its heavy protection at the hands of the Secret Service and other elite law enforcement officers.

Then, Democrats like Bush and Pressley aren’t giving up their own private security details, either.

Many of the top supporters of defunding the police will never have to live with the consequences of such a detrimental policy.