The Uvalde School Police Chief is on Administrative Leave

On May 24, Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas was terrorized by a vicious mass shooting.

The shooting resulted in two teachers and 19 students needlessly losing their lives. It’s since come out that this school building will be demolished; the surviving students and faculty members are going to attend a different location going forward.

One of the worst post-shooting factors has been the investigation into police conduct. Officers held off on going into the school and into the specific classroom where the shooter was massacring people.

Parents, meanwhile, claim that officers stood by for minutes upon minutes on end, refusing to act. Additional accounts from parents say that even when Uvalde police finally got into the school building, they didn’t actively and immediately pursue the shooter.

These accounts have sadly been confirmed by video footage from cameras within Robb Elementary School. Now the school police chief of Uvalde, Pete Arredondo, is on administrative leave.

A Deeper Dive into What Happened in Uvalde
Dr. Hal Harrell, the superintendent of the Uvalde Consolidated Independent School District (CISD), ultimately made the call to put Arredondo on indefinite leave.

Originally, Harrell said he wouldn’t be making any staffing changes until after he had all the facts. However, owing to questionable timing and unclear information regarding the period of the probe’s completion, Harrell went ahead with benching Arredondo.

What the ongoing investigation into law enforcement’s response to the Uvalde shooting produced, thus far, has not been good. Steve McCraw, the director of the Texas Department of Public Safety, testified before Congress that how police responded panned out to be an “abject failure.”

An additional part of McCraw’s testimony swears that Arredondo is the one who specifically caused the holdup in Uvalde police entering the classroom where students were under siege from the shooter.

However, the now-former Uvalde school police chief argues that officers never hesitated to save lives and worked with the information available to them.

More Details About Arredondo
Investigations into Arredondo’s work as the Uvalde school police chief revealed that he’s also made donations to Joe Biden and Texas Democrat Beto O’Rourke.

This revelation now raises questions about what all motivated Arredondo’s orders to police officers who were on the scene during the Robb Elementary School shooting.

Concerns are further driven by witness accounts and video evidence that continue to conflict with Arredondo’s statements to the public.