The University Of Texas Allegedly Imposing Critical Race Theory In Name Of ‘Academic Freedom’

According to the National Association of Scholars, the University of Texas at Austin is imposing Critical Race Theory and Gender Ideology into its curricula by convoluting the idea of “academic freedom.” Conservatives have engaged in a long-standing mission to restore intellectual diversity and rigor into the American Academy in the true name of academic freedom.

The UT Austin Faculty Council approved a resolution last month that affirms the rights conveyed by “academic freedom in its broadest sense.” That sense expressly includes “research and teaching of race and gender theory.”

Associate Professor of Finance and NAS Affiliate Head Richard Lowery said the new pledge includes misleading language. He said the council intends to teach radical race and gender pedagogy to exclude traditional mainstream points of view. He said the faculty council adopted the resolution in response to a new Texas law that prohibits the promotion of radical racial and gender ideologies in public K-12 schools, colleges and universities.

Lowery told Fox News that the university’s administration had taken significant steps to suppress speech on campus and beyond and required all faculty members to express their support for Critical Race Theory as part of “diversity, equity and inclusion” before being hired or promoted.

He said the hypocrisy “really gets to me” regarding demands for respect for academic freedom cloaked in restrictions against anyone who pushes back on the practices of the hiring and promotion committees.

Lowery referred to the school’s promotion and hiring policy implemented in April 2021 that already requires “diversity, equity and inclusion” while discriminating against specific candidates based on their political beliefs. He said that he is confident that the new “academic freedom” policy will be a “trojan horse” for radical indoctrination and training of students. The policy was strongly supported by the University Faculty Gender Equity Council, the Council for Racial and Ethnic Equity and Diversity and the Council for LGBTQ+ Access, Equity and Inclusion.

Lowery went on to say that much of the faculty now view themselves as activists first and educators and researchers after. He added that the activist core not focused on education now “drives so much of the university.”