The Media Sneered At Ron Desantis’ Press Secretary And Insulted Science

Science and data don’t lie. “Follow the science” has been the call to action from the democratic party, yet when data and science show a decrease in the Covid-19 mortality rate, the script shifts, and they double down.

At the height of the pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci and others suggested wearing two masks, hilarious. They indicated that Covid-19 was transmitted in every possible way, and it would wipe out all of humanity exaggerated, but pretty close. And now, Chistina Pushaw, Governor Ron Desantis’ secretary, is getting heat for stating the obvious.

Pushaw said, “An important way to dramatically reduce the risk of COVID complications (and many other health problems) is by maintaining a healthy body weight, BMI under 25 will keep you safer than a piece of cloth.”

Pushaw took the words from Fauci’s mouth. Fauci said in early 2020 that a mask would not prevent you from getting Covid-19 and is useless.

According to the CDC, other than influenza and pneumonia and respiratory failure, which Covid-19 itself likely causes, Hypertensive diseases (high blood pressure, etc.) are the most significant co-morbidity factors in Covid-19 deaths 117,446. To suggest that a healthy lifestyle would not correlate with Covid-19 fatalities would be a colossal lie and, like Facebook, Twitter, and big tech companies would call it, misinformation.

While Covid-19 co-morbidity rates of obesity are at 24,414, obesity is rarely listed as a co-morbidity factor on death certificates unless it’s an extreme case. There is merit to what Pushaw said, but others snapped back at her. Joy-Ann Reid couldn’t contain herself and said, “Wow, @GovRonDeSantis press secretary channeling his ugly energy, mocking a young woman’s fear of catching COVID, dying, and leaving her husband and child alone, by fat-shaming her. Birds of a feather, maybe work on the fact that Florida is leading us back into a COVID Hell instead?”

Florida is, in fact, not leading anyone into a “COVID Hell.” The state opened up entirely in 2020 and has not shown a significant sign that Covid-19 is transmitting at alarming rates.

According to the CDC, in a study they conducted state “One half (50.8%) of adult COVID-19 patients in this analysis had obesity, compared with 43.1% in the total PHD-SR sample and 42.4% nationally (5), suggesting that adults with COVID-19-associated illness and obesity might commonly receive acute care in EDs or hospitals.”

The ability to use your unsubstantiated facts to prove a pre-conceived idea is outrageous. Can Dorsey mark that tweet as misinformation already?

Hurt feelings don’t outweigh lives lost. When data is available to show that obesity is a significant risk to Covid-19 patients, we should have a clear discussion about it or even try to solve the problem by offering ways to engage in a healthy lifestyle. But, NO, Covid-19 incentives continue to be free, fast food and donuts. The disconnect from the truth runs deep on the left.

When will they learn?