The Left Is Milking January 6 For All It’s Worth

Despite crushing problems that are hurting Americans every single day, the left remains ceaselessly focused on January 6. In one of the most appalling displays yet, some members of the mainstream media allege that last year’s riots at the Capitol were worse than 9/11.

The January 6 committee, meanwhile, continues leading the charge of milking last year’s events on Capitol Hill.

This involves issuing various subpoenas and holding endless hearings. Conservatives are repeatedly warning that this committee is politically motivated, rather than seeking out an honest account of January 6.

As this continues to play out, Utah father Bradley Bokoski, along with his son, Matthew Bokoski, are the latest individuals facing charges.

A Closer Look at Charges Against the Father and Son
Both Bokoskis are charged with picketing, demonstrating, or parading on the grounds of the US Capitol.

In the wake of these charges, the father and son both pled guilty. While the Bokoskis are currently free, they’ll receive their sentences on Tuesday, January 17. Video footage shows the father and son barely in the Capitol for even five minutes before they left the premises.

Charges against the Bokoskis occurred after law enforcement came across online posts from Matthew about January 6. This then led to the FBI investigating Matthew and his father before charges were brought against them.

Federal Overreach
To this day, there are still many January 6 protesters who remain in jail with no time set for a trial. Certain officials now warn this violates these protesters’ Sixth Amendment rights, which ensure a trial for defendants that’s both speedy and public.

The conditions which January 6 protesters are being subjected to behind bars is also cause for concern to many Americans.

Ironically, as the FBI makes it their business to go after anyone who was even mildly involved in January 6, the documented crimes committed by Hunter Biden continue to be swept under the rug.

At this point, there is established evidence of Hunter lying while trying to purchase a gun, breaking tax laws, and receiving payments from Russian oligarchs while his dad was vice president.

If the FBI put even a fraction of the effort it’s directing toward January 6 protesters into Hunter Biden, the agency might garner just a little bit more trust and respect from Americans.