The Left Accuses The Media Of ‘WARMONGERING’ After Barely A Week Of Biden Criticism

Considering the recent Afghan crisis and Biden’s backlash over his actions, the Conservatives agree that media outlets have been overly critical of the actions and policies that the Biden administration has adopted while managing the Afghanistan crisis. As a result, Biden’s supporters have called out the press for being effectively tough on Biden in this critical situation. The press has recently been twisting stories to criticize Biden’s actions for supporting his political opponents, making the problem worse.

Recently, many of Biden’s supporters have come to his defense while media outlets criticized his actions. For instance, the White House’s Chief of Staff responded to CNN’s claim of citizens not being evacuated from the Kabul airport by stating that the best military operation was taking place, but this was nothing but a lie. Another such example is Jennifer Rubin, who came to the defense of the President with his article explaining why it is easier for everyone to criticize Biden. Then Juan Williams claimed that Donald Trump was responsible for the mess that Biden is now dealing with. Biden was honest and took responsibility for his actions while giving some of the most honest foreign policy speeches on the Afghan crisis in recent times.

But the truth is that it is usually tricky for Democrats to deal with any backlash they receive from media outlets, as they are so accustomed to such media outlets always supporting them. Therefore, it is difficult for Biden’s supporters to deal with the immense backlash for his actions. But in the current case, Biden and his supporters are wrong. Media support to military interventions in the past, especially those driven by humanitarianism, represents that the media is not against them. Still, uninformed and inappropriate policies Biden’s administration adopted in the Afghan crisis. Biden’s irrational and reckless decision-making in the past few weeks is the reason why the U.S. President has been receiving severe backlash for his actions from all fronts. Recently, many democrats have even clashed with the Biden administration over the steps that it has taken during the Afghan crisis. For instance, Jen Psaki said it was “irresponsible” of Biden and his administration to shamelessly claim Afghanistan as a success when many American citizens are stranded there. So, the media is currently playing an honest regulatory role to criticize Biden’s irrational actions during the Afghanistan crisis, possibly driving him to repent his mistakes from actions like sending back military troops to evacuate the U.S. citizens stuck in Afghanistan.