The Honest Joe Biden Spins Defeat Into Victory

President Joe Biden compares the US departure from Afghanistan to the D-Day invasion of Normandy in terms of execution and bravery. On Tuesday, President Joe Biden reminded the American people that no other country had ever accomplished such an achievement. Biden and his predecessor, who shared responsibility for this seeming achievement, could not have said it more simply than they did.

Moreover, President Joe Biden claimed that it was time to be honest with the American people again after congratulating himself on an operation that resulted in the untimely deaths of 13 Americans and the stranding of hundreds of Americans and thousands of their friends in Taliban-controlled Afghanistan. He gets off to a poor start with his depiction of the extraordinary success of American “intelligence specialists,” among others the same ones who were unable to predict the Afghan government’s rapid demise.

Biden claimed in his subsequent address that the 90 percent of Americans who were in Afghanistan and desired to leave were permitted to do so, as well as he lauded the administration’s new strategy of conducting “over the horizon” attacks to battle terrorism. The one intended to strike the inbound suicide bomber that murdered 13 Americans at Kabul International Airport looks to have been a miss. The same could have been stated of the second attack, which took the lives of seven children.

Furthermore, even if one accepts Winston Churchill’s famous remark about British troops being rescued at Dunkirk at its value, which people do not, it is true Americans must exercise caution to avoid conflating delivery with success. However, war is not won by evacuations. If Biden had been truthful with the American people, he would have stated that his administration and the United States have chosen humiliation over war.